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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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strong. >> as an oaklander i am disappointed and recognize that when they play in oakland we lose money and this is a important thing for fans to know. >> you will never ever see me wearing anything that says the raiders. as the president of the city council i asked the attorney to look and see whether or not there are any legal options for us to pursue. strong comments from oakland officials. mark ibanez is here now. what is hard to look at the helmet in front of the vegas sign. >> another harsh reminder that the emotion that plays into a situation like this and all of the blood sweat and tears. the reminder is it is about the money and no question as the owners met today and emphatically made the statement that sent tam had nothing to about do with it and when you look at the bottom line and that is really what it is all
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about, the bottom line, the owners stand to make some 50 million-dollars each for relocating the teams. the rams and chargers and the raiders. >> mark davis talked about the fans and was asked if some of them want their money back that have purchased the tickets, would that be available. >> if any of the fans would have given deposits, we would like to refund them and we will be happy to do that. not happy but you know how that goes. >> we are the oakland raiders and we represent the raider nation and as i said earlier there will be disappointed fans and angry fans and it will be up to me to talk to them and let them know why and what has happened and hopefully we can work it out for the future.
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>> be interesting to see how mark davis choose to talk to the fans and try and quell the emotions. if you are curious to know how raider fans are feeling it is very unfortunately but we did do a twitter poll as to whether they would attend games at the coliseum and you can see yes every game is low but maybe a game or two and 14% the lowest. not a single game reacting this strong. 69% right there. as i mentioned due to relocation, 50 million-dollars the owners will make. for them older in years that is what it was about. down there amongst the owners and nfl representatives for the past couple of days in phoenix
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our own joe fonzi who joins us with the latest from the center point. joe. >> not allowed in those elite circles as those guys. there is a reason they were smiling. you paid that byte from mark davis and he doesn't know if he is a member of the las vegas raiders or oakland raiders. a last minute push by city of oakland to change things and mark davis got his answer to move to las vegas. >> as it turned out there was not much dramas to the outcome of the vote. when they arrived yesterday some of the owners weren't hiding their intention. but today nfl commissioner roger goodell made it official. we just discussed the
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relocation proposal which are owners approved of overwhelmingly. >> disappointed for the fans. this is something that i know will be seen with a great deal of disappointment. we understand that. and we worked tirelessly and as hard as we could to find that solution and we couldn't get it done. >> all of the speakers gave lip service to the oakland fans that have historically been among the most passionate. >> i have mixed feel little and i know there's disappointment and anger. in the future as we play in oakland that they understand it was the players and not the coaches but me that made it and if they have anybody to talk about it it should be me and i will try to explain to them what went into making this definitely decision. >> as much regret as expressed it all came down to the owners wanting to make sure that 750
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million-dollars of publicly committed money in nevada made its way in their pockets. >> i would like to thank governor brian sandoval and congratulate him who overwhelmingly supported this process and bringing the raiders to las vegas. >> we are happy that the raiders have a home long term. there doesn't seem to be much recourse for the city of oakland and it's leaders but one fan group is not giving up. >> we will take the next step and we are already prepared for legal action. we will contact the media and let the nfl know we will go after you and the ratings will go down. it will be a big mistakes. burning the jerseys and do what we need to do because right now the nfl has done some things that they have not done responsibly and if they are
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able to do it to the fans we want to protect ourselves and do the right things. so the fans are hoping that there is some glimmer of legal hope. i don't know if that is possible. what lies ahead two strange seasons in where a team will be playing at the oakland coliseum while their stadium is being built. an experiment for a model of a team. mark davis has been quoted as saying raider fans will get on planes and go to games, how will all of them afford that and visiting teams will provide half of the audience, coming one time to las vegas and people coming and oh by the way let's take in a footballing game. i'm not sure that will work. it is a grand experiment but you hit it on the head. driven by nothing else but money. absolutely. joe fonzi in phoenix.
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we'll check with you later. >> what was disappointing to me as a football fan/sportscaster, a lot of disingenuous remarks about feeling for the city of oakland. feeling for the city of oakland and mark davis saying he will reach out. what is he going to be able to say at this point? and the commissioner saying that this provides the raiders with a more stable. >> more stage in las vegas? how is it so versus being in oakland? >> you heard joe fonzi saying that this is actually a business model that has never been tried before in the nfl. it is in essence an experimental model. you will hope that fans come in from the country. you will be hope that oakland raider fans do have the money and where with all to keep flying in and supporting the team in las vegas. you go to a smaller market where a lot of people are transient. they are just coming in and out. you won't develop long term
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loyalty. the city of las vegas is about tourism. not tradition. and i think to hear those guys get there and say how much they feel for the city of oakland and sad day for oakland, that is just the height of hypocrisy because all they care about is lining their money with pockets. they don't care about the fans. >> 31-1. yeah. >> who would have thought they would have a franchise and in and out raiders. just like that. >> derrick clark tweeted his feelings on the impending move to las vegas. he wrote as i sit here and see a vote that takes the raiders to las vegas i am overwhelmed with emotion. i don't know how to feel. i feel the pain of our fans in oakland and wrote oakland, our team loves you and my family
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and i love you. we will be resilient and stay together. that is what try raiders do. we stick together even when it is tough. >> it is not just the players. emotions are running high. >> jesse gary shows us some fans in mourning. others are throwing the gear in the trash. >> i'm sad today for the raiders nation. >> mayor libby shaft confirming the second franchise, the raiders are rolling up their tents and playing elsewhere. the move personal for larry reed. >> personally i would rather have the raiders playing in santa clara than playing in the city. the city has worked hard. the fans once again whose hearts have been broken a second time. >> some fans sickened by this second desertion dump the gear in the garbage outside of team
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headquarters and others vented. >> born and raised in black hawk and i am just heart broken. >> mayor shaft says the leaders made an 11th hour appeal with what was called a viable 800 million plan for 32 team owners and commissioner roger goodell. to no avail and it hurts sports fans and families that counted on seasonal income from 8 season home games. >> the raiders leaving us taking away from people's households. people rely on that income and like it affects me personally because it has taken away from the mouths from my kids. >> at oakland city hall. elected leaders made a show of raising the a's flag to talk about the impending baseball soap and the sole remaining sports franchise that is loyal to the city. >> i am wearing my a's hat because the a's are the only loyal team. i am show ming support for the
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true oakland team the athletics. >> larry reed has asked the city attorney to investigate if the raiders move to vegas violate the team's lease with the coliseum. he would like to kick them out of coliseum before the start of the 2017 season. the fans and rookies disman some blame the city saying leaders had 20 years to figure it out and others wanted to see the team win one more time welfare packing up and moving on. in san leandro. fox 2 news. and oakland mayor libby shaft joining us. thank you. is there any hope for raider fans end bay area, is there any chance the team could stay in oakland? >> i think the message was clear and time for oakland that is a resilient city to move forward. we have an incredible baseball team. the warriors are still in their market. they are still our team.
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we have incredible site at the coliseum. and we will need to move on. >> you sound like your angry. >> i am. i am a lifetime oakland girl and raider fan and i feel they did not treat us fairly. i wished that they would just admit that they made a choice of las vegas over oak. oakland had a fully funded and shovel ready and i think they should be more honest. i think also that the fact that we stood firm on no public money for stadium construction was a huge factor in this decision. that is something that i hope oaklanders are proud of that we stood up. >> mayor what happens now to the lease agreement. will the raiders stay in oakland for the next couple of seasons or will you try to push them out now? >> let me be clear.
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the lease is with the joint powers authority that governs the coliseum. i do not sit on that authority so i am not speaking to that. actually today is not the day to actually talk about a legal document when emotions are so high. today is the day that we really should be focused on the raider nation. these are the most incredible dedicated loyal fans on the face of the planet. and my heart is broken for them. >> it feels like raider fans are getting screwed. >> i got in trouble for using bad language. i will not repeat that but you said it not i. again oakland played hard. we played fair and this will not be the first or the last to get tempted by las vegas. >> i have a quick question. oakland loves the raiders. any chance that we could see
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another push for another nfl team to move to oakland? >> i represent the city so i will speak for myself. it was the raiders are nothing. they are part of the history, the legacy of this city they represent decades and generations of loyalty. i don't feel that for another football team. economics are having a football team are not favorable. this is really emotional of decisions and if it is not the raiders in my mind it is not worth fighting for another team. >> mayor, i like you grew up in the bay. they will be the oakland raiders. we appreciate you coming in. a tough day for oakland fans and a tough day for the bay area. appreciate your time. thank you. coming up here a real tragedy. a four-alarm fire rips through an apartment complex.
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the latest on those kill and the latest on those missing. >> we have unconfirmed accounts of two others. >> i am tracking a warm-up. the raindrops. we will have this back here after the break.
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>> developing news out of oakland. we learned that a 3rd person kill in that four-alarm fire this morning that ripped
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through an apartment building. we are learning one more person is still missing. the fire started this morning in west oakland at a building on san pablo avenue at mead. ktvu's paul chambers is there now with the latest. paul. reporter: frank and julie there is an updated information that we found out earlier. they were saying that the two people found dead and two people uncounty un-- unaccounted for that also died in the fire. this is the scene at 4:30. the flames coming from this multiunit building on san pablo avenue. >> i was washing clothes and we seen the smoke coming from outside. >> i grabbed the coat and pants and tried to get out and the flames were too hot and high and i had to run back towards my apartment and made it to the fire escape and got out. >> investigators were able to rescue at least 15 people from the building with two adults and two children being
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transport to the hospital. those all are expected to survive. officials say the building houses 80 to one hundred people. investigators say it was transitional housing for homeless people and people getting out of prison and some with mental health issues. for now crews will be out here through the night to monitor the building as investigators look for a cause. >> they are moving slow and they have a methodical way of investigating the fire. it is slow and we are working on the cause. >> you can see the men are out here and alameda officials were the one that confirmed the third body found. cadaver dogs sifting through the scene. the mayor sent her condolences to the family. we have three people confirmed dead in this fire that happened at 5:30. one person is still unaccounted for. and crews will be out here throughout the night and into the morning. investigating to figure out
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what caused the fire. julie. >> paul, san pablo busy and closed in both directions. any idea how long san pablo will remain closed. according to the fire department it will be closed all night when they do their investigation and as i say they plan to be out here throughout the the morning. we are on san pablo between median 27th. >> paul, thank you. rain yesterday. sunday was not bad and showers at 4:30 or five and .3 in callatoga. not a ton of rain but more rain on top of the rain than on friday. definitely a productive week for rainfall even though the weekend for most of us touched out nice. it was cooler. here is the moisture heading to the north and a system embedded in here to drop down on
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thursday. won't be a rain producer. clouds and cooler and maybe a sprinkle or two. outside right now you got clear skies for the most part. as you see here good air equal. looking for a day tomorrow that will be stunning. temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-70s. using the overnight low forecast and upper 40s and starts off cool. you can see it partly cloudy and sunny and ends up warm. especially look at san francisco tomorrow. they will go 68 degrees at lunchtime in san francisco or in san jose unmostly sunny skies. that is at 12:00. claims against cal made by a deaf student. >> i did not think that i would have such barriers put between me and my p hd. >> coming up next. why that student says the school is not doing enough to
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accommodate her disability. we will go live to las vegas where you see what is happening.
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new at six. claims against cal from a student that is disabled. deaf and says the university has not provided her the help she needs to finish her studies. >> nancy barker needs a sign language interpreter. rob roth met with her and because of the lack of support
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her dissertation for her ph.d. is at risk. >> not overcoming obstacles until she came here. we spoke with her through sign language interpreter. >> i did not think that i would have such barriers put between me and my ph.d. >> barker is visiting student researcher from canada on the homestretch of getting her p hd in okay ological studies in conservation. >> i have no access to that. i am totally prevented from the knowledge that i am surrounded by here. >> prevented by a lack of sufficient access to an interpreter. she says for almost all of last semester the university did not provide her with one. >> i sat in a classroom trying to read lips. >> she did finally get an interpreter for a brief time and saw it reduced from 21 hours a week to now only 8
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hours. she says it is just not enough in her ph.d. disserration. >> she is asking for more time otherwise she will have to return home in canada and her work more likely incomplete. >> if i sue them, maybe they will wake up. >> are you planning on suing the university if nothing happens. >> i will have to. how else will i succeed. >> there is a statement regarding disabled students saying we provide all services within reason without exception when needed and he can't discuss individual cases. >> if you had to do it over again you would have not chosen berkeley. >> new york i would choose another university. it is not worth it. >> at uc berkeley.
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rob roth. fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next with a celebration in las vegas. we have been over there for a year-and-a-half and dedicated to make sure it happened. >> now to the break. a live report from las vegas as fans gather to celebrate their new home team. the white house moving on after the failed gop health care bill. the new bill just signed into law today. and a controversial proposal to make it a felony to expose someone to hiv. stay with us ktvu at 6:30 is up next. from
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>> three people of confirmed dead and one person still unaccounted for after a four- alarm fire tore through a west oakland apartment building. the fire reported at 5:30 on san pablo and mead. firefighters rescued 15 people and two adults and children were taken to the hospital and expected to survive. the cause is under investigation and san pablo will remain closed in both directions at least until tomorrow. >> today nfl owners approved the move to las vegas. oakland city officials are betterly disappointed. they say the city had a viable offer on the table to build a


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